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CT Technology

Intraoperative O Arm (minimally invasive spinal surgery)

O-arm intra operative imaging system is a highly advanced technological imaging system. It provides both 3D and 2D real time images of the spine to the surgeon during the surgery. Improved visualization helps the surgeon to do even the minimally invasive surgery with ease. It also allows more precise placement of the implants. Moreover the scanned volume is three times larger than any standard 3D C-arm which allows visualization of the large image size in one image thus an entire cervical spine can be seen in one image helping in treatment of especially larger fractures. It utilizes X-rays for the imaging and meets all the required safety standards.

O-arm Surgical Imaging System

O-arm Surgical Imaging SystemO-arm® Surgical Imaging with StealthStation® Navigation provides:

  • Speed in the OR: fast access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (and 2D images)
  • Ease in the OR: full support of the unique workflow of spinal procedures
  • Safety in the OR: minimized radiation dose for surgical staff
  • Confidence in the OR: visualization to confirm hardware therapy placement, potentially eliminating revision surgeries

For more information please visit www.medtronic.com

Stealth Neuronavigation (stereotactic Brain biopsy)

Stereostatic brain biopsy is a surgical procedure to obtain a tissue sample from the specific part of the brain. This is done to confirm the diagnosis and decide the treatment approach for the brain condition. It involves attaching a metal frame to the head and capturing MRI or CT scan of the head with the frame. The brain tissue sample is then taken under anaesthesia by a biopsy probe inserted in the hole made in the skull in a specific area using the coordinates of the attached frame and the images from the scan.

Stealth neuronavigation is a newer technology enabling the surgeon to visualize the anatomy of the brain with the real time picture of the surgical instruments in 3D on monitor screen while taking the biopsy sample. This allows for more precise positioning of sample collection needle. Moreover frame need not be attached to the patient before the procedure as is the case in the traditional stereostatic brain biopsy procedure.

The sample collected is observed for its pathology under the microscope and if required another sample is taken from the site. The incision is then closed with stitches after the biopsy is over.

StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System

The StealthStation® S7®, Medtronic's seventh generation surgical navigation system, offers many benefits to the surgeon and OR staff:

  • Intraoperative Imaging Integration – The StealthStation S7 interfaces seamlessly with multiple intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI, iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm® System – Medtronic's versatile 3D imaging and 2D fluoroscopy system

StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation SystemStealthStation® S7® System - Information and system specifications for the StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System.

For more information please visit www.medtronic.com

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