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Dr. Santosh Poonnoose has primarily specialised in Spine and Neuro surgery over twenty years

Dr. Santosh Poonnoose
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Santosh Isaac Poonnoose


I am currently working at Flinders Medical Centre as a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon. In this position I undertake clinical duties, teaching responsibilities and administrative roles.


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Dr Poonnoose

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  • Expert Surgeon
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  • Integrated Multidis- ciplinary Approach

Understanding your musculoskeletal pains,
causes, and your treatment options are essential.

  • What is Back Pain?
  • What Can Cause Back Pain?
  • What Are Your Treatment Options?
  • What Are Your Success Factors?
  • What Do I Do Next?
  • Back Pain Physician and Neurosurgeon
  • Awake Craniotomy (when near speech and high-level activities)
  • Brain Mapping (for identifying functional areas of the brain)
  • Functional MRI (imaging for blood flow analysis)
  • Tractography (from the surface area to other areas of the brain)
  • MDT Therapies (Radiation Therapy, Chemo, etc)
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